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Giovani Gioiellieri d'Italia

Italian Souvenir


The days are long and hot. It’s vacation time, the right time to go. Anika comes from Eastern Europe, Naima from the bright Africa. From two opposite points, they travel to the heart of the Mediterranean: their common destination is Italy. Burano, for the sake of accuracy, the island of thousands of colors that rises in the lagoon, a few kilometers from Venice.
The light and the colors of the island surprise the two girls, seduced by beauty and contaminated by the jollity of such a colorful landscape: calli, alleyways, shady courtyards … the small island unfolds step by step in all its splendor. The girls have fun shooting between a yellow and a blue facade. An astonishing succession of dazzling walls, at every corner a glimpse that brings back in time, the time when in Burano lived only the fishermen who painted their homes in a lively tone to recognize it from afar, from the sea.
The bright colors of houses multiply reflected by the water of the canals, recalled by the flowers that adorn the balconies. The sun is high, the good humor fully italian accompanies Anika and Naima on their journey. The girls discover the island and little by little the life that animates the soul. They appreciate the authentic tastes, try the dishes of the true Italian cuisine. They walk along the canals, observe with curiosity the shop windows, stop in front of the souvenir shops. They listen to stories of women who with patience and skill still work by hand the lace, very ancient tradition of Burano. A few miles from here, another island is famous around the world for blown glass craftsmen, artists or perhaps wizards who turn the raw material into kaleidoscopic masterpieces.
Once they got home, hundreds and thousands of miles away, Anika and Naima will think back with a sense of nostalgia to this unusual journey and to the friendship, born spontaneously. Wearing Gioielli Dop, their #ItalianSouvenir, will revive the emotions known on this island of brazen beauty and mysterious charm. A place that welcomes tourists from all over the world without disnaturing, hands out centuries-old traditions and preserves the signs and the rhythms of the past that continue to live in the eyes full of wonder and in the memories of those who have the fortune to have lived it even for a single day.