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Giovani Gioiellieri d'Italia


100% designed, shaped, enameled and made by hand in Italy.

Every bite of Gioielli DOP is handmade by passionate Italian craftsmen.

Our design and production teams are based in Arezzo, Tuscany- in the heart of Italy, where the craft of goldsmiths dates back to the Etruscans. This craft has been handed down for generations since the 14th century.

“Good things take time.”

We need 4 days to turn a Margherita Pizza charm into a silver and enamel masterpiece.

The handmade process involves 4 different craftsmen, who take care of the design, the finishing touches, the enamelling and the assembly of our small art pieces.

The process involves 4 different craftsmen to create the design, for the enameling process and to add the finishing touches before assembling these small works of art. Each small piece in our collection comes from true expressions of our artists; every piece in our collection comes from an emotion and is then turned into a reality.

Artist at work: Designing a Chianti Wine Bottle to become a charm.