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Miraculous Madonna Charm in Sterling Silver and Orange Enamel

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The Miraculous Madonna Charm depicts the Virgin Mary. The term Madonna, from the ancient form of "my Womens", is a representation of the great Mother known by Catholics and, in the Hebrew name Miriam. "Mea domina" in Latin, it also means "my lady" and denotes a title of respect: loved Womens, of sweet and harmonious beauty. The orange color is a symbol of inner harmony and artistic creativity, of trust in oneself and in others. shades are associated with vital energy and the sun. It makes people optimistic, spontaneous and extroverted. Create your Bracelet, your necklace or create your earring with the Madonnina charm, and discover the other Pendants of the Madonnas Collection and all those inspired to Italian cultural symbols. Gioielli DOP is an authentic expression of Italian creativity and know-how. All the jewels are 100% Made in Italy, handmade according to traditional craftsmanship by Tuscan master goldsmiths.

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