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Pinecone Charm in Sterling Silver and Blue Enamel

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The Pinecone Charm in Sterling Silver and Blue Enamel is a timeless icon of Sicilian culture and represents a gift of great value. It has always been considered emblematic, so much so that it is regarded as a ""symbol of good luck"" for those who receive it. In many civilizations, the lucky pinecone represents concepts such as immortality, fertility, and regenerative strength, thanks to the seeds it contains within. Furthermore, it is a universal symbol of positivity and prosperity that transcends cultures and generations, carrying a message of health and fortune with it. The color blue, evoking states of mind such as peace, harmony, tranquility, and balance, adds an additional layer of significance to the Pinecone as a symbol. Explore the Pinecone Collection and choose your favorites. Gioielli DOP is an authentic expression of Italian creativity and craftsmanship. All the jewelry is 100% Made in Italy, handcrafted in the traditional artisanal manner by Tuscan Goldsmith Masters

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